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Xiamen torch group co., LTD. Was established in 2004, restructuring, xiamen is key state-owned enterprises group, the registered capital is 1.3 billion yuan RMB, the national xiamen torch hi-tech zone is the development and construction of the main body, is the torch high-tech zone the ac authorized assets management integration company. Xiamen torch hi-tech zone including "one zone with multiple parks", namely the torch garden, xiamen pioneer park, torch (xiang Ann) industrial district, with set garden, xiamen software park, information photoelectric garden, xiamen science and technology innovation park and hercynian equity investment center. Group company main responsibilities are: investment in the development of xiamen torch hi-tech zone "one zone with multiple parks" within the land, development zone supporting public facilities. Real estate development and management, invest in high and new technology enterprise, "nest YinFeng". Provide for the torch high-tech risk investment, science and technology guarantee, engineering and building, bonded logistics, property management and so on comprehensive supporting services.
The rainbow group company (hereinafter referred to as the rainbow group) is under the administration management of the central enterprise, founded in 1977, is our country the sixth five-year plan period for "introduction of color kinescope complete technology and equipment" and the establishment of a wholly state-owned enterprise. Group headquarters is located in the haidian district of Beijing shangdi information industry base, the main production base located in Beijing, shaanxi, Yangtze river delta and pearl river delta, anhui and other regions, the whole surface is committed to "display device and its components manufacture, development and photoelectric products machine and related parts and components manufacturing research and development". For more than 30 years, the rainbow group realized total sales income of more than one hundred billion yuan, now more than ten billion yuan of real profits, now have a secondary wholly owned and holding company 11, share company nine, with two listed companies: rainbow shares (600707. SH) and rainbow electronic (0438, HK); About 20000 employees, with total assets of more than 170 yuan, is China's electronic information industry's vigorous development made outstanding contributions.
    Anda LCD display group co., LTD. Was established in 1987, is a technical expert, the bank and financiers guidance of high quality professional LCD manufacturers. We have common concept, is the products quality guarantee. All of our production and operation activities, from the basic operation of any details, until management all aspects of concentrate on high quality tenet.